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Do you have difficulty developing all of your creative talents?

If any of this sounds like you, listen to this...

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It all kinda began during my undergraduate years. During this time, students left home with a typewriter. Computers were not accessible nor affordable. I was an English major and many of my professors allowed the students to hand write papers that were three pages or less.

As my professor was returning our papers that had been graded, he asked me to stay after the class to talk.

He explained how he noticed a pattern of letters and words that were written in reverse order. He uttered the words, "I think you are dyslexic and should be tested". My heart dropped.

I scheduled a time to be evaluated on campus. After a series of test were administered to reveal learning disabilities, the results were given to me and my professor was right.

I was not only Dyslexic, but also had ADHD and Synesthesia (Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses). The word “synesthesia” comes from the Greek words: “synth” (which means “together”) and “ethesia” (which means “perception).

This was long before Synesthesia became "a thing".

I felt inadequate. I began pouring through the campus library and found very little information on the subject.

Well, I still continued to struggle throughout college, even with all the assistance that was available to me. I graduated with honors and felt like an imposter.

It wasn't until I stumbled upon an opportunity to teach Spanish at a Charter High School that I learned how to create without the stress and struggle. It wasn't my colleagues nor my administrators that revealed this discovery; it was my special needs students.

As I poured through their IEP's (Individualized Education Plan),

I discovered that altering the enviornment; adjusting periods of study according to a student's attention span; adding breaks between lessons; students were more engaged and learning was truly fun.

I had to find a way to apply this to my life.

I poured over books about artist, creativity, learning and continued studying my students and their responses to me altering the learning enviornment. I discovered that I am now the student and the teacher simultaneously. I implemented all of these practices in my every day life and discovered ways to accelerate my learning curve and have fun at the same time.

My name is Coco Elysses.

I am a musician, actress, poet, screenwriter, voice-over artist, Doula, makeup artist, podcast creator, lightweight photographer and visual artist. I've performed for Heads of State, worked on the hit television show Empire as a musician, provided voice-over work on several video games like Saint's Row and performed across the globe.

I am also Dyslexic, struggle with ADHD and am a Synesthete.

I suffered in silence, frustration and shame. If any of this sounds like you, you are not alone and no longer have to struggle like me.

If you struggle with focus or even how to structure making art, you are in the perfect place.

Well, I'm here to share this powerful learning tool that will allow you to tailor make your learning experience in ways you've never imagined! You will learn that practicing and creating art in a variety of different genres is easy, fun and doesn't have to be time consuming. You will learn how to work smarter and more efficiently with ease and fun!

You don't need to pay a teacher, counselor or life coach because I've boiled down the very best of my 30+ years of professional expertise into a simple, step-by-step creativity tool that's fun!

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Here's how this creativity tool helped me compose music that garnered a Jeff Award for Best Original Music in a Play!

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Once I decided to use this creativity tool daily, my life blossomed! I began to unlock creative ideas that flowed in all of my genres.

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A creativity tool for multi-genre artist, and for artist who have ADHD, Synesthesia and Autism Spectrum Disorder that gives you flexibilty and structure, fostering creativity in all of your genres.

Here's What You'll Discover...

What internal negative dialogue is running in the background so that you can transform it into positive affirmations...

How to create a room, home or office into an ideal creative space that fosters creativity each and every time you sit down to create...

The 3 critical components to a creative session that yields creative productivity...

How to dismantle your EGO before each creative session so that EGO won't get in the way...

And a whole lot more!

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Here's Everything You Get...

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Module 1 Changing the Inner Dialogue

The hidden "truths" about subconscious thinking that greatly effect talent development that are commonly overlooked by teachers, mentors and instructors. ($100 Value)

The #1 rule that will dramatically alter the way you utilize your subconscious mind.

The #1 rule that TOP artists use to accelerate their trajectory.

How to write affirmations that effect your creativity instantly.

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Module 2 Obstacle Destruction & Goal Setting

Learn techniques used by TOP Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers. ($100 Value)

Learn the secret behind asking yourself powerful questions that steer your journey and creativity.

Identify and unlock any obstacle, even the one's you never thought were there.

Learn how to effortlessly implement a plan that you're excited to do.

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Module 3 Creation Station

Follow my quick and easy guide for making sure your room, home, office or apartment is setup and equipped with all your creativity tools before you begin creating art! ($47 Value)

Learn how to empty your vessel and set goals before you begin, so that your time is uber productive.

Learn how to effectivly schedule time based on the genre you're creating in.

Learn how to implement inspiration from the Masters that you choose to highten the creative experience.

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Module 4 Post- Play Reflection

A step-by-step guide that you use everyday so that you're documenting tresurable discoveries while creating! ($47 Value)

Learn how to breakthough blocks while documenting the details as a tool for growth.

Learn how to trust your creative guidance so that all your genres are rich with spontaneity.

Learn how to utilize the skill of free writing to impact creativity and birth treasures.

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Module 5 Creativity Planner (pdf)

A step-by-step guide that you use everyday so that you're planning your creativity for the days, weeks and months to come. ($47 Value)

Look, I understand how much you'll love finally having a tool that does the work of a teacher, mentor and life coach in one! That's why we're offering a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you every penny.



The guide helps to record valuable insights when implementing new practices outside of the box. It's all yours free of charge.

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